Let's Travel the World

- Before the aliens come -


ziplining in kwahu

Ziplining in Kwahu

Ziplining is exciting and we bet you’ll love it too. Kwahu oo, Kwahu! this is the chant on the lips of many Ghanaians every easter as they gear up for the high altitude town. High altitude in both elevation and enjoyment. There are several fun things to do in Kwahu like exploring caves, paragliding and…

Aerial shot of Aburi

Aburi Botanical Gardens + Odd Hours = Lush Beauty

a crazy idea, randomly visit Aburi Botanical Gardens at 5 am? why not? the place looks like a movie scene around that time with the fog and sturvvs. it’s so buuriful and serene we might go back there to pitch a tent for a sleepover one of these days. this was a very random, unplanned…

Accra Zoo

Accra Zoo – A True Love Story (Short Film)

love probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the accra zoo right? it wasn’t for us either. but suprisingly, that’s really all there is in the accra zoo. imagine being caged up with your siblings, to become a spectacle to humans. the animals have become mere entertainment to us.…

Aerial shot of Aburi


a quick morning fly around on the Aburi road. tt’s also home to the famous Aburi Botanical Gardens which is an absolute haven and a perfect getaway spot, away from the city. the view over there is always epic. we love to explore nature because nature loves us. 😉 check out our aerial photos +…

Travels Ghana

Let’s Travel the World!

let’s travel the world shall we? but first, let’s look around the motherland. the interesting places, the shitty ones, the awesome people, annoying ones, the places we never knew existed as well as the well knowns you didn’t know a couple of things about. that’s us! let’s explore our planet before the aliens come. 🙂…