Ziplining is exciting and we bet you’ll love it too.

Kwahu oo, Kwahu! this is the chant on the lips of many Ghanaians every easter as they gear up for the high altitude town. High altitude in both elevation and enjoyment.

There are several fun things to do in Kwahu like exploring caves, paragliding and what we did, ziplining. This is different from the health drone delivery service.

We’d go paragliding first but some of the crew need to overcome their fear of heights. 😂

What else other than ziplining and screaming your lungs out?

climbing up mountain stairs before ziplining in kwahu. Photo credit:

There’s a little bit of mountain climbing and a short canopy walk that brings you closer to nature and offers spectacular views of the Afram plains and Kwahu Ridge. There’s also mountain climbing or more appropriately, steep hill climbing. You can’t skip this as that’s the only way to access the zipline and the canopy walk.

It’s not challenging though. We fared better here than on Afajato.

Here’s our Ziplining adventure. Thankfully, no one died from their heart attacks. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Where is the Zipline located?

This awesome getaway is managed by Jay’s Lodge, a cozy and affordable hotel located within the town. The map below will direct you.

Did you say more Kwahu?

Want to see more Kwahu? Check out our second video exploring the beautiful vistas this place offers.

Fun Facts About Kwahu

  • Did you know that travels to Kwahu are nothing but pure fun?
  • Did you know that Kwahu sits as the highest habitable elevation in Ghana?
  • Did you know that Kwahu is nicknamed Asaase Aban or the Natural Fortress?
  • Did you know that paragliding is such a big deal in Kwahu, so much so there’s an entire festival, the Kwahu Easter and Paragliding Festival?
  • Kwahu is 162 KM away from Accra by road and will take you about 3 and a quarter hours to get there?

Do you know any other zipline spots in Ghana? Share with us in the comments and let’s go on another adventure travelling Ghana.