i want to tell you a cool story about the Adomi Bridge and our journey there. but not today. then why this post in the first place? well, i really wanted you to see some cool photos we took of the place. enjoy.

fine..lemme be generic and give you a very brief, short, succinct, very very brief background about Adomi bridge. let’s call that, fun facts.

fun facts about the Adomi/Adome bridge in Ghana

  • it was originally called the Volta Bridge.
  • it is the only suspension bridge (over water) in Ghana.
  • the Adomi bridge is located in Atimpoku in the Eastern Region of Ghana which is located along the Volta River. it is situated bewteen the town of Atimpoku on the west bank of the Volta Lake river and the village of Adome on the east. It is also known as Senchi Bridge, but the town of Senchi is a few miles further south.
  • who built the Adomi Bridge? the Adomi bridge was designed in 1956 and completed in 1957 by Sir William Halcrow & Partners (now Halcrow Group Limited) and William Brown, of the engineers Freeman Fox & Partners.
  • the bridge was commissioned by Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah together with Sir Charles Noble Arden Clark on January 25th, 1957.
  • the Adomi Bridge spans the Volta River that drains into the Gulf of Guinea, south of the Akosombo Dam.
  • the bridge sits comfortably on the Lake Volta, the third largest man-made reservoir in the world!
  • what’s is the biggest lake in Ghana? the Adome Bridge sits on the Lake Volta, the largest lake in the country, going as deep as an estimated 62 feet and covering 3,283 square miles.
  • how much did it cost to build the Adomi Bridge? the Adome Bridge cost $2,411,000.00 to build.
  • how much does the Adomi bridge weigh? the bridge weighs 900 tonnes
  • how long is the Adomi bridge? The total length of the bridge is 334 m (1,096 ft) long.
  • Adomi is the only suspension bridge in Ghana.
  • the Bridge is one of two major routes connecting the Greater Accra and Eastern regions with the Oti and Volta regions.
  • before the bridge was constructed in 1956 a ferry at Senchi, dangerous and unreliable in more ways than one, was the only mode of conveyance for goods, transport, and people in the region. from the central and northern parts to every other part of the country – north to the south, east to west.
  • back in 2018, criminals actually stole bolts and nuts fastening the bridge. 😕
  • oh also, in 1979, former President Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings flew a state fighter jets under the bridge. this catapulted Rawlings to an almost god-like status among many Ghanaians. sigh…we are weird people aren’t we?

damn it. i lied about the fun facts being really succinct huh? sorry not sorry. okay now photos.

Photos of Adomi Bridge by Travels Ghana