we love to capture our experiences in film as well! quite frankly, these are the best travel videos from Ghana in the universe! i mean just watch the beauties below. don’t forget to subscribe to our awesome youtube page.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

spontaneous 5 am shenanigans with the gang at the beautiful Aburi Botanical Gardens.

Mount Afadja aka Afadjato

climbed the “highest” mountain in Ghana and experienced the greatest travel drama ever! our trip to Mount Afadjato was phew…885 shades of awesome!

Deon Recreational Centre

the team recently discovered this new fun place still under construction somewhere inside Lashibi, Tema and this place is all kinds of Lit! exactly what the capital needs. don’t forget to check our take + photos on Deon Recreational Centre.


a quick morning fly around on the Aburi road. It’s also home to the famous ‘Aburi Botanical Gardens’ which is an absolute haven and a perfect getaway spot. away from the city. the view over there is always epic. we love to explore nature because nature loves us. 😉 photos? check out our awesome aerial shots of Aburi.

Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2018

the Chalewote Street Art Festival is the biggest Ghanaian art festival organised by ACCRA[dot]ALT every year in Jamestown, Accra. it brings together all kinds of people worldwide to come together, have fun, and enjoy all kinds of Art, Exhibitions, Galleries, Historic sites among many others.

The Cape Coast Castle

Akosombo Lake Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Rattray Park – Kumasi

one of Kumasi’s most serene environments. very good environment to relax and connect with family and friends and also connect with nature as well. it has a dancing fountain which lights up at night. it’s so beautiful, it can make you forget about all your troubles.

Keta Beach – Cleanest Beach You’ll Find in Ghana

our compass led us to the serene beachside of Keta in the Volta Region, Ghana. while we were there chilling, we realised how some of our beaches in our main cities is been made less and less clean every day. Why can’t all of them be as beautiful as this one? Let’s all help save nature for future generations. video via Airtrek Ghana.