let’s travel the world, shall we? but first, let’s look around the motherland. the interesting places, the shitty ones, the awesome people, annoying ones, the places we never knew existed as well as the well-knowns you didn’t know a couple of things about. that’s us!

let’s explore our planet before the aliens come. 🙂

travels. seeks to deliver straight to the point content which would leave you in suspense. we don’t give you the full cake, we just give you a tase of it so that you can go get the full one later yourself. we believe some humans call stuff like that trailers. 

we’re simple, crisp, modern, youthful and stoooooopid! 

come along, let’s explore the beauty that is the world from fresh, new perspectives – travel videos included. 

*wink wink*

travels ghana, where to next?

follow our blog and photo gallery to find out.