a quick morning fly around on the Aburi road. tt’s also home to the famous Aburi Botanical Gardens which is an absolute haven and a perfect getaway spot, away from the city. the view over there is always epic. we love to explore nature because nature loves us. 😉

check out our aerial photos + fly over below.

meaning of aburi

we found an interesting origin from GhanaPlaceNames. it says:

The aboriginal settler at Aburi on the Akuapem ridge facing the Accra plains was Baabu, head of the Nyago family (of the Agona clan). As time went on, he invited Opare Kwadwo Abutuakwa, head of the Beretuo family at Nsakye, to join him. The Beretuo family claim migrant origin from Bankam in Asante Akyem. They first settled at Nyanawase, but later moved to Berekuso. After a brief sojourn, they continued the journey to Nsakye, whence they came to join the aboriginal settler on the ridge. Tradition has it that as Opare Kwadwo’s people were clearing the bush in search of drinking water, they discovered a stream in which was an extraordinary fish commonly called ‘Atwea’. The fish was caught and hacked into pieces (asin-asin) – hence ‘Atwea-asin-asin’ became corrupted into Atweasin, which became the name of the town they built facing the Accra plains. The aboringinal settler who had his share of the fish settled permanently at a place which became ‘Abu de’, that is the portion of Abu’ and Abu developed into ‘Aburi’.

Ghana Place Names

so basically, Aburi means Abu’s possession. sounds fishy if you ask me. do you know the origin of the name? please share in the comments below.

fish out and now photos!