we had a wild adventure at Deon Recreational Centre hidden away somewhere in Lashibi betwixt Accra and Tema. it’s confusing, we know!

we had a ton of fun at Deon Recreational Centre, so much so we went there two Sundays in a row! actually three. πŸ™‚

DRC features awesome go-karts, quad bikes, dune buggys or off-road go-karts (or whatever the hell they’re called), a pool for swimming, and pretend kayaking.

if you love to skate too, then you’re in luck. there’s a roller-skating community that frequents the place. if you’ve got a skateboard, you’ll be right at home.

finding DRC the first time can be a delightful struggle. we’d let you go through it as well but we’re nice. the map below should help.

the nicest thing about DRC? it’s cheap compared to others like it around! peep the video and our gallery below to see how cool and fun a space Deon Recreational Centre is.