we had a wild adventure at Deon Recreational Centre hidden away somewhere in Lashibi betwixt Accra and Tema. it’s confusing, we know!

we had a ton of fun at Deon Recreational Centre, so much so we went there two Sundays in a row! actually three. 🙂

DRC features awesome go-karts, quad bikes, dune buggies or off-road go-karts (or whatever the hell they’re called), a pool for swimming, and pretend kayaking.

if you love to skate too, then you’re in luck. there’s a roller-skating community that frequents the place. if you’ve got a skateboard, you’ll be right at home.

Deon Recreational Centre Prices & Activities

the nicest thing about DRC? it’s cheap compared to others like it around! there are three main activities and they all cost GH¢15 for 5 laps. the laps don’t seem to apply to the pool though. all the fun things to do at DRC? let’s see.

Water Sports

Dansoman Aquaman Deon Recreational Centre
dansoman aquaman

become a water-bender or simply splash about in an Olympic sized pool that allows for regular swimming, water polo, paddle-boating, row-boating and frankly, whatever your beautifully creative mind can conjure. e all dey your der. just look at how happy our very own Dansoman Aquaman above is.

Dirt Race Track

Off-road go-kart at deon recreational centre
Photo by Emmanuel Dankyi

this was fun! phew! we only tried the ATVs and it was mad exciting. we’ll probably go back to try the quad bikes, or not. to be honest, the quad bike activities in Aburi look like way more fun. sorry, Deon. the race track for the ATVs is sadly too small. this means you complete laps way too quickly.

Go-Kart Racing

Aerial View of Go-kart tracks at Deon Recreational Centre
look at that track. phew!

battle your friends and see who’s the better driver. this is great for figuring out who you should take seriously to drive you around in an actual car. 😉

Deon Recreational Centre Location & Opening Hours

finding DRC the first time can be a delightful struggle. we’d let you go through it as well but we’re nice. the map below should help. alternatively, just look for Shalom Spot at Lashibi. It’s not far from there. or simply call the centre on +233 54 961 1107 / +233 55 773 4651 / +233 20 310 8067 / +233 57 669 5160. Deon Recreational Centre is open every day from 12 pm to 8 pm.


there’s one majorly sucky thing about this space. there’s a bullshit rule that you have to pay again each time you crash. basically, you’re not supposed to crash when go-karting, you have to maintain a clean streak. weird right? the whole point of go-karting is to be able to drive recklessly and not suffer damage for it. makes you wonder if the owners work for the DVLA or they’re just greedy and want to milk your last GH¢15.

be sure to pack a snack and some drinks too. there aren’t “proper” shops around.

there’s supposed to be an online booking platform but alas, it doesn’t work. you’re better off making payments when you get there. if you absolutely must though, you can call +233 54 961 1107 / +233 55 773 4651 / +233 20 310 8067 / +233 57 669 5160 in advance to book tickets.

other than that, it’s still fun.

The Long and Short

we’re happy that Deon Recreational Centre is bridging the gap between recreational spaces in the country and bringing people together. it’ll be interesting to see how many more places such as this spring up. speaking of bridges, check out our photographic adventure on the Adomi Bridge.

peep the video and our gallery below to see how cool and fun a space Deon Recreational Centre is.